Hi Mr. Gold,

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Either way and with all of that aside, I did want to sincerely thank you for everything you did for this endeavor and all the support you have given me. I couldn't be more grateful for finding a lawyer with whom I felt great trust and confidence in. Simply put, I'm glad I came across your name when seeking legal counsel and I would trust you with any case that I might find myself in that needs legal representation.

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Marvin and his team handled my divorce with professionalism, compassion, patience and strength. I completely understood the possibilities during the entire process. I felt heard, and that me and my situation mattered to Marvin and his team. I would recommend Marvin and his team.

Posted by Michael

Helping us with a PFA order

A few days before Christmas my son was served a PFA order regarding custody of his four year old daughter. With short notice Marvin and his son Travis represented my son at our local District Court hearing and his meeting at Bucks County Court in Doylestown, Pa. Travis Gold helped my son avoid a possible brief stay at the County Jail, and Marvin Gold helped my son achieve want he wanted at the PFA hearing. Both Marvin and Travis worked with us to have a strategy in time for both meetings that were successful and gave my son the results he wanted. The fee was very reasonable.

Posted by Edward and Christina

I have worked with Marvin for over five years now and have used him on many occasions for both personal matters and corporate. He has what I consider, in my 45 years in business, the rare skills to be able to negotiate and make deals happen or litigate. Also the wisdom to decide which. His litigating skills are best. His rates are fair.

Posted by Jim


My business hired Marvin to defend us in a case that appeared to be a simple matter that had absolutely no merit. As the case progressed it took on a life of its own. Marvin and his son Travis negotiated through the many challenges of the case in a very efficient and intelligent manner. I found Marvin and Travis to be very resourceful and logical in their approach to our case and in the end we were very satisfied with the outcome.

Posted by Jerry


I have been using Marvin since 2009 and still take advantage of his services today. He has helped my wife, my business and me personally in countless ways. I am always confident and satisfied with every outcome. Marvin is diverse and on the ball. Fast response to your concerns and takes immediate legal actions. I am committed to using Marvin and his growing organization for a lifetime. There is no one i trust more. Thank you Marv.

Posted by James

My Divorce

Mr Gold communicated with me the whole time. He led the way making sure I was happy & understood everything going on. I am extremely pleased with his office and his representation.

Posted by Bill

Outstanding job!!

Marvin Gold really takes the time to listen you without charging you like other lawyers. His son and him are very knowledgeable and work hard to research your case. I had doubt in my mind about fighting my case, but he told me to stay brave and not take a guilty plea when in fact I wasn't. Marvin comes off very relaxed and calm, but in the court room he doesn't let no one bully him. He's sharp and takes charge.

Posted by Rob

Marvin is diligent, reasonable, and definitely not your everyday "yes man"- HIRE HIM

I hired Marvin for a personal civil matter with a previous employer. His detailed, analytical and most importantly realistic, advise and handling of the matter provided me with peace of mind knowing everything was done correctly and honestly. Thru his guidance and leadership we finalized the matter and all parties involved where able to move forward and hopefully in the future mend fences. I would highly recommend him.

Posted by Jordan

Extremely Helpful

Marvin helped me not lose any custody with my daughter and helped lower my child support payments to a much more manageable amount. He was very patient and professional and always thoroughly explained his reasoning. I'll definitely be recommending him to others in need of an attorney.

Posted by Tim

Marvin Gold Helped Me

I met with Marvin Gold to review a business contract that I had with a client. The client was in breach of the terms of the contract due to non-payment. Marv provided me with straight-forward advice on options available to seek collection without having to litigate the matter.

Unfortunately due to the nature of my client, an unscrupulous doctor that never intended to pay what he owed, we were forced to commence litigation. He guided us through the process of communicating potential litigation to our client which was ignored. He then prepared and filed a succinct but effective complaint against our client that presented a history of the relationship while focusing on the key legal issues of the dispute.

Our client's attorney responded with veiled threats and implications as to why payment would not be forthcoming. At this time the matter became very personal and emotional for me. This is where Marv was at his finest. He dissipated the emotions from the litigation and kept me focused on the real issues and alternatives.

Ultimately, the judged ruled in our favor and granted a judgment against our client. Again Marv's steady leadership guided us through the process of enforcing the judgment (which I learned is as difficult as getting a judgment) and freezing our former client's bank accounts. By being patient and methodical we were able to then negotiate a favorable settlement from a position of strength. At that point in time Marv was again instrumental in keeping me focused on a final settlement and not conducting a vendetta against our former client.

Marv's experience in the legal field combined with his common sense and business practicality was truly the difference in the outcome of this matter. In communicating with other lawyers he clearly knows what to say, how to say it and when to say it to his advantage. He was responsive to our needs and went the extra mile on several occasions to research matters while keeping me on track. Frankly, I hope that I never have to seek Marv's services again (one lawsuit per lifetime is enough), but I would certainly recommend him to others that need legal guidance.

Posted by anonymous

Marvin has helped me be successful twice

I have used Marvin twice. Once for a divorce and secondly for a criminal case. I was very happy with the results of my divorce. Marvin was patient, informative, thorough and let me make my own decisions ultimately. More recently, I was brought to trial for an unusual case. Although anxious and nervous, Marvin was a true professional and always eased my mind. He again made me well informed of the outcome, regardless of which way I plead. His knowledge of the laws, the court system and the people within them, can give you an advantage. I read the other reviews and disagree with many. In the situations I have been in, I needed his years of experience and determination. He got me through a very scary time and I came out smiling. Thank you Marvin Gold for all that you have done!

Posted by anonymous

An honest lawyer who actually calls you back!

When my employer unexpectedly fired me for no reason after 20 years of loyal and award winning service, I had no idea who to turn to for help. I always thought you had to actually do something wrong in order to get fired. I was so wrong! For months, I searched for someone who was willing to help me, or even return my phone calls. Mr, Gold got back to me right away, and had me over to his office within a week or two for a free consultation. He did not rush the free consultation in any way, and did not leave any of my questions unanswered. After hearing the details of my situation, he offered to represent me for free, not taking any fee unless he was able to win my case. I am SO impressed with Mr. Gold! He is VERY detail oriented, and very thorough. I was so impressed how far he went to leave no stone unturned so that when we went to the hearing there would be no surprises. He went personally to the unemployment office to look at my file, had me in several times to his office, and also made several calls to my previous employer with me present to get information. No wonder they pulled a no show at my hearing. Or course, I won my case!

I very much agree with the other reviewer who said how professional Mr. Gold is. His demeanor is so wonderful, so calm, cool, collected, and non-arrogant, unlike some other lawyers. His demeanor could be a huge plus when he is interacting with your opponents and the courtroom personnel in your case. Again, he makes himself very accessable to you, and answers all your questions fully, which was a huge plus for me. I too feel certain that I would have had a different and not pleasant outcome to my case were it not for Mr. Gold.

I do not agree at all with the reviewer who had the negative comments about Mr. Gold. My experience was so totally opposite to that review that I have to wonder how objective that review really was. I know it is hard when you lose your case or you have to make a settlement that is not 100% what you wanted, but that review still seems very unfair to me. Just my opinion.

Posted by Mike

Very pleased

I hired Mr. Gold to represent me for a personal injury case. My car was hit by a drunk driver. Mr. Gold was very professional from our first meeting through the end result of my case. He was always available to answer any questions I had during the course of my litigation process. He spent many hours with me preparing my case and was very well prepared for trial. I was impressed with his style and his demeanor. Some lawyers are in your face offensive. Mr. Gold is not. I am very pleased with the outcome of my case and feel that had I not hired Mr. Gold to represent me I would never have recieved the compensation I ended up recieving.

Posted by anonymous


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