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Attorney Marvin H. Gold is a dedicated and experienced Family Law attorney who has assisted hundreds of Bucks and Montgomery County residents with divorce, division of marital property, child and spousal support, paternity testing, child custody and visitation, alimony, protective orders and cases of child abuse and civil and criminal domestic assault. Mr. Gold understands that divorce usually damages both emotional security and financial security. Each spouse may feel betrayed, disappointed, disillusioned, distrustful, desperate, afraid, and/or angry.

Immediate economic circumstances may appear completely unmanageable. Leases and mortgages and rent payments fall into default, cars may be repossessed, child care may become unaffordable and the comfort and possibly the welfare of children may be severely compromised. With 40 years' experience in Divorce and Family Law matters, Mr. Gold can accurately address both the short-term emergencies and the long-term goals associated with the breakup of any marriage.

Excellence in Family Law requires the maintenance of a delicate balance between the functions of the peace-maker when possible and an aggressive adversary when necessary. Both parties are usually better off if a fair settlement is accomplished quickly and efficiently without unnecessary delay, litigation and the attendant financial and emotional costs. However, a divorce lawyer's ability and willingness to litigate every issue when necessary and to discover every asset when appropriate is often the catalyst which makes such litigation and discovery unnecessary.

Mr. Gold is well versed in the child support and alimony procedures and guidelines and can accurately anticipate the outcome of a support hearing without actually going through the litigation. He can accurately determine which assets are subject to division and which assets remain the property of one spouse.

Most of Mr. Gold's Family Law clients choose him because of referrals from his many satisfied prior Family Law clients and because of his reputation for being considerate, energetic, knowledgeable, sincere, capable, accessible, and affordable.

If you or a friend have a Family Law related situation or concern, contact attorney Marvin H. Gold at his convenient Hatboro location, on Old York Road between the Union Library and the Hatboro Federal Bank. Mr. Gold handles all Family Law matters personally. He is available for after hours consultations by appointment and offers free consultations and highly competitive fees.


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