Insurance Coverage Cases

Insurance Coverage Cases Marvin H. Gold and Travis Gold, Hatboro Lawyers

If your home or business has been damaged by events outside of your control, the last thing you will want to read is a letter from your insurance company stating that the assets which you believed were insured are not covered by your policy and that your claim has been denied. Too often, this is what occurs.

In order to survive as businesses, insurance companies must charge competitive prices and pay customers who have suffered a loss as little as possible. Too often, insurance companies achieve this balance by using obscure policy language and exclusions, misconstruing how a loss to your property actually occurred, or misinterpreting Pennsylvania law.

Marvin Gold and Travis Gold are both well trained and well experienced at fixing these problems. Marvin Gold is an accomplished carpenter and builder who can often deduce more about how a building suffered damage than the adjustors hired for this purpose. Travis Gold has researched hundreds of cases on insurance law and can determine in little time which precedents help or hinder a client and whether or not a dispute with an insurance company is viable.

If a judge or twelve men and women can possibly be convinced that the damage to your home or business was covered by your insurance policy, Marvin Gold and Travis Gold will see to it that the policy does what it was supposed to do: Protect you, whether the insurance company agrees to it or not.


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